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America’s Financial Crisis

Posted in Blogs on September 25, 2008 by Brody

I’m sure you’ve heard that President Bush held an emergency televised national press conference last night in which he was expected to outline a plan to resolve America’s current financial crisis. Turns out the plan is to buy Mexico, fix it up a bit, then sell it at a higher price. A&E holds the rights to broadcast the project in their new hit reality TV show entitled ‘Flip This Country’.


Shame on you safety dudes

Posted in Blogs with tags , , , , on August 25, 2008 by Brody

OK, I must admit, for the first time, I’m a little worried. Typically this type of thing doesn’t bother me. Every time I hear the words ‘West Nile Virus’ in a news story or commerical I roll my eyes. I’m pretty sure I made a point of eating extra beef during that whole ‘Mad Cow Disease’ fiasco. Although I sympathize with the people affected by SARS, the media’s best efforts did not stop me from breathing.

It started a few weeks ago with the Propane facility explosion. I’m sure many of you have seen the footage of the giant flaming mushroom cloud that ravaged part of North York. Even though I live in North York, it wasn’t the explosion that worried me. It was the subsequent investigation of all the propane storage facilities in Ontario. Stemming from this investigation, eight (count em, 8 ) other facilities in Ontario have been shutdown due to safety concerns. Excuse me? So up until this point there were 9 ticking time bombs scattered around the province that no one was going to discover until one of them exploded. I hope someone gets fired over that one.

And now, Maple Leaf foods is doing a massive recall and advertising campaign to combat an outbreak of Listeriosis caused by unsanitary conditions at their Toronto plant. The ever-expanding recall list has now reached 220 products. With 50 confirmed or suspected cases, you wouldn’t think it would be of huge concern. The fun thing about the bacterium is that its long incubation period means that symptoms can begin to appear up to 70 days after the food is consumed. So, for the next two months I get to wake up every day and wonder if the sausages I had last weekend are going to kill me.

But, I’m not pissed off at Sunrise Propane, and I’m not pissed off at Maple Leaf Foods. I’m pissed of at the Technical Standards and Safety Authority and Health Canada. These agencies are charged with and paid for monitoring these companies and ensuring the safety of the public. Corporations cannot be trusted to self-regulate safety issues and enforce safety protocols. Despite what they tell you, safety costs money, and their primary concern is to make money. It is up to these tax-payer funded authorities to make sure that the public’s safety is continually monitored, instead of just waiting for something bad to happen to discover that there’s a problem.

The Brett Favre Saga

Posted in Blogs, Pictures on July 31, 2008 by Brody

Rumors are circulating in full force regarding the fate of Brett Favre in the National Football League. By filing for re-instatement Favre has finally made clear his intentions to continue to play professional football. Discussions began yesterday between Favre and Packers president Mark Murphy, with no word yet as to whether Favre’s career will continue in Green Bay or if he will be traded (Tampa Bay maybe?).

Many news agencies are reporting that Murphy’s intentions were to convince Favre to stay retired, even going as far as reporting offers of $20 Million over 10 years so long as he doesn’t play. Come on, you call yourselves journalists? Obviously the tight-lipped Packer camp does not sit well with the media, so they need to start making things up. Favre is playing this year whether you like it or not.

As for whether or not he should have stayed retired, NO WAY! It’s his civic duty to come back and play past his prime, just as every other superstar in sports has. Nobody remembers Emmit Smith with the Cardinals or Joe Montana with the Cheifs. Is Kurt Warner still playing? Who cares! Super Bowl XXXIV MVP! It’s not limited to football either. Jordan as a Wizard…need I say more? Bottom line, if Brett Favre wants to play, Brett Favre should play. He’s got nothing to lose.

Transport Canada – What the hell are you trying to prove?

Posted in Blogs, Pictures on July 30, 2008 by Andy

I woke up this morning to the news that transport Canada released a report on the cause of the horrific crash that occurred mid January in Bathurst New Brunswick that killed 7 Students and 1 teacher (the drivers wife).

This report follows the heals of the RCMP’s report yesterday that said that the 15 passenger van they were driving wouldn’t have passed an inspection.

Transport canada also reiterates that the van wouldn’t have passed inspection.  But then they say that driver fatigue contributed to the crash.  Now, this is where my bone of contention occurs…

Does this statement bring back those 7 young kids? NO!

Does this statement bring back his wife?  NO!

Does this statement rehash the overwhelming guilt and pain of the man who was driving, the families and the city of Bathurst have felt since this crash.  HELL YES!

So why? I agree due diligence should occur.  However a BS statement saying that he was tired???? What did they do, ask him????

This report does not change what happened and there were many factors that contributed to this crash other than the driver.  WRONG PLACE….WRONG TIME!  Icy Roads, 2 Lane highway,  an oncoming transport truck and a van that wouldn’t pass inspection.

I just hope that this blows over quickly and the families, the people of Bathurst and MR. Lord can continue to live in the present and remember their loved ones for the time they had together.

Shame on you transport canada…your report helps no one!

Ticked off on Wednesday

Posted in Blogs on July 16, 2008 by Andy

I am ticked off today and I am going to share it with all of you….

You ask me, “why are you so pissy today?”


First of all, why does it seem like every time I’m not in a good mood I seem to meet up with every stupid person that day. I don’t know….Why can’t they find me when I’m in a good mood so I can tolerate their stupidness!

2nd, Why are there so many dance shows on TV.

3rd, Why is PUNK’D Still on TV

4th, Why does an oil change cost $45 dollars at one Wal-Mart Store/ and the same Oil Change costs $23.95 at another Wal-Mart

5th, Seriously why is Punk’d Still on TV?????

6th, Why is it sunny all week, and rains on the weekend?

7th, Why can’t George Bush get his own TV Reality show?

These are some things that I really needed to get off my chest. Thanks very much for listening and suddenly I feel better.


Posted in Blogs on July 10, 2008 by Brody

Let me introduce you to my new favourite number: 9225. These seemingly insignificant digits came into my life recently and unnexpectedly, and have brought me much joy. How could these four numbers affect me in such a way? What do they mean?

No, they are not my lucky powerball numbers. I cannot do 9225 sit-ups. It is not the pin code for my bank card. Nothing happened on the 92nd day of the 25th month. Could it be the winning bid of the used apple core I placed on ebay? Unfortunetly not. It seems only Tiger’s half-eaten snacks can command such a premium.

No my friends, they are, in fact, the numbers that make up my poor man’s quarterly dividend. That is, a total of ninety two dollars and twenty five cents was generously given to me by the Government of Canada in the form of a sales tax rebate.

I’m not quite sure what makes getting this cheque every three months so special. It’s really not a significant amount of money (less than half a percent of my student loan), but for some reason, I and others like me rejoice in the momentary elation of being handed this pittance. It’s like someone stopping you on the street and saying, “Hey, you’re a guy that exists, here’s some money.” Whatever the reason, I doubt the government is worried about losing the money. They probably think of it as a short term loan which you will pay back this weekend at the beer store.

Teenage hoodlums

Posted in Blogs on July 7, 2008 by Brody

As editor of my high school newspaper, I spent most of my time trying to insert whatever mildly funny or moderately inappropriate material (e.g. Stop the Violence, Join Club Baby Seal) I could get away with. Although this won me an award for creativity, it also awarded me several trips to the principle’s office to explain, for instance, the abundant use of vulgarities in this issue’s ‘Salute to Shaft’. As I recall, the cleaner revised version entitled ‘An Administrative Salute to Shaft’ did not go over well either.

The bulk of the paper was reviewed and published by my gracious co-editor. Although I didn’t have much to do with these ‘real’ stories, I do remember one emotion-filled article written by a grade 11 student. It was an opinion piece on the unfair treatment of youth in today’s society. “I can’t walk into a store”, the student wrote, “without the owner following me around, being told to leave my bag at the door, or being told to leave because students are not allowed. Society teaches us not to be prejudice, and yet it continues to discriminate against its youth”. Damn right, I thought, youth should be treated fairly.

Almost a decade later, I have some advice for the new generation of youth that is no doubt faced with the same stigma: Piss off. If you don’t want to be labeled as a demographic that steals and breaks shit, stop stealing and breaking shit. On an unrelated note, I am on the lookout for the three teens (two driving unusually large ‘chopper’ type bicycles and the third was skinny with an afro) that I saw break into my parking garage a few weeks ago.