The Brett Favre Saga

Rumors are circulating in full force regarding the fate of Brett Favre in the National Football League. By filing for re-instatement Favre has finally made clear his intentions to continue to play professional football. Discussions began yesterday between Favre and Packers president Mark Murphy, with no word yet as to whether Favre’s career will continue in Green Bay or if he will be traded (Tampa Bay maybe?).

Many news agencies are reporting that Murphy’s intentions were to convince Favre to stay retired, even going as far as reporting offers of $20 Million over 10 years so long as he doesn’t play. Come on, you call yourselves journalists? Obviously the tight-lipped Packer camp does not sit well with the media, so they need to start making things up. Favre is playing this year whether you like it or not.

As for whether or not he should have stayed retired, NO WAY! It’s his civic duty to come back and play past his prime, just as every other superstar in sports has. Nobody remembers Emmit Smith with the Cardinals or Joe Montana with the Cheifs. Is Kurt Warner still playing? Who cares! Super Bowl XXXIV MVP! It’s not limited to football either. Jordan as a Wizard…need I say more? Bottom line, if Brett Favre wants to play, Brett Favre should play. He’s got nothing to lose.


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