Transport Canada – What the hell are you trying to prove?

I woke up this morning to the news that transport Canada released a report on the cause of the horrific crash that occurred mid January in Bathurst New Brunswick that killed 7 Students and 1 teacher (the drivers wife).

This report follows the heals of the RCMP’s report yesterday that said that the 15 passenger van they were driving wouldn’t have passed an inspection.

Transport canada also reiterates that the van wouldn’t have passed inspection.  But then they say that driver fatigue contributed to the crash.  Now, this is where my bone of contention occurs…

Does this statement bring back those 7 young kids? NO!

Does this statement bring back his wife?  NO!

Does this statement rehash the overwhelming guilt and pain of the man who was driving, the families and the city of Bathurst have felt since this crash.  HELL YES!

So why? I agree due diligence should occur.  However a BS statement saying that he was tired???? What did they do, ask him????

This report does not change what happened and there were many factors that contributed to this crash other than the driver.  WRONG PLACE….WRONG TIME!  Icy Roads, 2 Lane highway,  an oncoming transport truck and a van that wouldn’t pass inspection.

I just hope that this blows over quickly and the families, the people of Bathurst and MR. Lord can continue to live in the present and remember their loved ones for the time they had together.

Shame on you transport canada…your report helps no one!


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