Let me introduce you to my new favourite number: 9225. These seemingly insignificant digits came into my life recently and unnexpectedly, and have brought me much joy. How could these four numbers affect me in such a way? What do they mean?

No, they are not my lucky powerball numbers. I cannot do 9225 sit-ups. It is not the pin code for my bank card. Nothing happened on the 92nd day of the 25th month. Could it be the winning bid of the used apple core I placed on ebay? Unfortunetly not. It seems only Tiger’s half-eaten snacks can command such a premium.

No my friends, they are, in fact, the numbers that make up my poor man’s quarterly dividend. That is, a total of ninety two dollars and twenty five cents was generously given to me by the Government of Canada in the form of a sales tax rebate.

I’m not quite sure what makes getting this cheque every three months so special. It’s really not a significant amount of money (less than half a percent of my student loan), but for some reason, I and others like me rejoice in the momentary elation of being handed this pittance. It’s like someone stopping you on the street and saying, “Hey, you’re a guy that exists, here’s some money.” Whatever the reason, I doubt the government is worried about losing the money. They probably think of it as a short term loan which you will pay back this weekend at the beer store.


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