Mother Arrested for 1st degree murder of her Daughter

After 6 months someone was finally charged in the murder of Karissa Boudreau…. HER MOTHER!  She was charged with 1st degree murder.  Which means that there is a significant amount of evidence against her.

It’s very difficult for a lawyer to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that someone killed another person, but to prove that it was well thought out and methodical is 10 times the degree of difficulty.

I personally have my thoughts of whether or not she did it, however our justice system is supposed to be “innocent until proven guilty”.  Well if anyone saw the clips of the 200 people that showed up to the courthouse in Bridgewater yesterday, you would think that they don’t believe in that type of system.

It will be interesting to see if they uphold this 1st degree charge or if they will drop to the lesser charge of 2nd degree murder.


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