The first day of my blog life…

The power was on this morning when I left. That was as clear as the clock on the microwave that read 8:30. The lights were on. The fridge that kept cold the milk I poured on my generic brand fruit loops, which taste almost like real fruit loops but different enough that by the end of the bowl you wish you had paid the extra $1.50, was on. When Amanda called at 11:00 to say that the power was out, I explained that it was likely the result of a brownout caused by the City’s 5 million air conditioners turning on simultaneously to combat the day’s 40 degree celcius (with humidex) heat. It wasn’t until she went down to the main floor to get the mail an hour later, that she noticed that the lights in the hallway were on, the fountain in the front lobby was running, and the elevator she had just taken was, in fact, elevating. The notice on the front door of the building provided an explanation point to the conclusion she had already come to: our power had been cut off.

This news hit me like smell from the thawing meat in the freezer will probably hit me when I get home tonight. No longer would people say “I’m out like a porch light in the ghetto”, instead, “I’m out like a porch light at Brody’s house”. Turns out that it was a combination of the previous owner not paying his bills and the property management providing us with poor information regarding the sub-meter billing. Our balance paid, the power will hopefully be restored sometime this afternoon…till then, just call me Trailer Park.


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