The theme song to “Hockey Night In Canada” should either been used by CBC or by no one at all!!!! Does CTV think that hockey fans are going to be happy that they “swooped” in and SAVED the rights to the famous hockey song?!

NO! NO! NO! CTV you were not using your brain here.  Hockey fans in Canada are way too smart and they associate that song with the “hockey night in canada” brand.  Because that’s what it is…a brand.

There will be backlash here CTV GLOBAL MEDIA.  Hockey fans are not going to be impressed that you came in here and basically undercut CBC.

Now that being said…we gotta ask the composer of the song and CBC…What the heck were you thinking?!  Branding of a product is just as important as the brand itself.   Now people are going to be pissed off at 2 of Canada’s biggest media sources.


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